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Our people

Colleagues sitting together on a bench in the sunlight.

Our employees are at the core for our ability to be a successful company that can support our customers in fulfilling their ambitions. Continuous learning, inclusion and diversity and a healthy work environment are among the areas we focus on.

To work at SEB is to be a positive force in society by helping customers achieve their goals. Our four core values – customers first, commitment, collaboration and simplicity – permeate our business and our culture. They form the basis for how we behave towards each other and how we want our customers, partners and other stakeholders perceive us. Read more about our core values

A culture of dialogue and inclusion

We strive for an engaging and including culture. In SEB’s annual employee survey the results show that 80 per cent of the employees would recommend SEB as a great place to work and 79 per cent feel that they can learn and grow. As an employer, SEB has a responsibility to ensure that all employees are treated equally and with respect, and with equal opportunities for all. Everyone should feel included and be given the same opportunities for professional and personal development. Values and behaviours as well as individual ability and ambition are important long-term success factors for being part of our team. We firmly believe that diversity and inclusion are crucial for success.

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Building competence among employees

Continuous learning is important for the ability to adapt to new circumstances. We have a wide range of programmes covering areas such as innovation, new ways of working and sustainability. Several methods and tools are offered to facilitate learning.

We are continuously strengthening responsible business behaviours and sustainability competence among employees. This is driven by increased expectations and demands from customers in all segments as well as from other stakeholders, such as investors and regulators.

Since long we have a mandatory training in Code of Conduct, and in 2020 SEB launched a training to increase the knowledge about climate change. This mandatory training consists of a digital lecture with Lisen Schultz, researcher and scientist at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and founder and director of the Executive Programme in Resilient Thinking. Based on decades of research as well as the latest findings, the training gives a comprehensive view of how the climate is changing, current and future effects, and what SEB as a bank can do to contribute. The lecture is open to anyone interested and is available here.

We also offer tailor-made trainings for targeted roles, such as customer executives and advisors in need of support prior to customer dialogues related to climate change.


Since long, we have strong focus on our leadership philosophy. The framework for SEB’s leadership philosophy is built upon scientific research and has been developed in cooperation with SEB’s strategic partners, such as IMD Business School.

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A sound workplace

A safe and sound work environment combined with a perception of good health and work life balance is fundamental for our employees’ performance and job satisfaction. We work with a long-term perspective to offer a safe and sound workplace in an effort to contribute to our employees’ well-being. In Sweden, our sickness-related absenteeism remains low, at just over 3 per cent, compared with other industries as well as the financial sector. We offer services and benefits to our employees along with a wellness subsidy to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. During the Covid-19 pandemic SEB further strengthened its measures to promote employee health and well-being also with respect to working remotely.

Read statistics about SEB employee matters in Annual and Sustainability Report 2020, p 201–203.