Working at SEB

At SEB, we are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial for our long term prosperity, innovation and growth and to deliver world class service to our customers and society at large. We define inclusion as a state of being valued, respected and involved. In an inclusive organisation everyone can contribute to their fullest potential. It is a culture where we are curious about new perspectives, experiences and respectful of differences.

Diversity for SEB means respect for and appreciation of differences in personalities and professional and educational background, as well as in identity such as age, gender, geographical provenance, sexual orientation and disability. 

Teams and leadership

Great leadership is essential for our success. Our leaders are responsible for establishing the right conditions for employee engagement, performance and development by creating the right environment in which our employees can prosper and grow.

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Learning and development

Our reality is a digital and changing world that challenges us in new ways. Therefore we have a strong focus on competence development and we believe that continuous learning is essential.

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Health and benefits

In SEB we have a health strategy and we work proactively to promote a healthy lifestyle and a good work-life balance amongst our employees.

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