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Business enablers

We are an extremely diverse group, united in our purpose of making our core business as a financial services provider more efficient, more innovative, and more sustainable. We are specialists in many different fields, most of them not finance-related, including Human Resources, Procurement, Internal Management Consulting, Marketing, Communications, Legal, and many more. So even if you're not a finance person, there are still opportunities for you at SEB!

Given the breadth of our areas of expertise, it's not possible to be specific about what we need in every role. However, we generally look for specialists, people who are driven and good at what they do. We want people who embrace continuous learning and look to share their knowledge and expertise. We are a large, complex organisation, and as such we need team players who collaborate well across functions. If that sounds like you, check out our open positions for your next challenge!

Vacant positions at SEB

You have to be in the forefront

In her role as Internal Management Consultant at SEB Way, Malena Lundin works with accelerating the implementation of SEB’s business plan. Being curious and open to learning new things is key in this complex role, which requires a broad knowledge base and team effort to succeed.   

Digitising bit by bit

Different information is constantly travelling throughout all parts of the bank. Ensuring the quality of this data is crucial for building a digital future, one step at a time. “If this type of data was not reliable, this wouldn’t be a bank with 150 years of history”, says Head of Information Quality Management Arvydas Kasparas.

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