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Benefits and compensation

If you invest in us, we will invest in you. Joining SEB gives you access to convenient benefits for all life situations. We have a broad and diversified offering where we care for your wellbeing as well as your development and career.

Here you can see some examples of our total offering. Please note that local variations may apply.

Our SEB benefits offering has the emphasis on

Health and wellbeing

Healthcare benefits and wellbeing plans, fruit and good coffee.


Benefits shall remain attractive throughout your career.


All employees participate in our company’s success in our All Employee Program.


  • Working from home when the type of business allows for it and if it suits your manager, colleagues and you.
  • Healthcare benefits and wellbeing plans, fruit and good coffee. Should life challenge you, we offer limited free counselling.

Financial wellbeing 

  • We offer market competitive, equal and fair salary setting and an annual compensation talk.
  • All employees get to share the success of SEB in our profit-sharing programme. A share of the bank's annual profit is paid out yearly in cash and shares.
  • Our internal bank serves our employees with products and advice throughout different life events. As an employee, you get favourable discounts on banking products such as mortgages, debit cards and insurances.
  • We secure your future salary in terms of savings in our pension scheme and the optional salary exchange for pension (special conditions apply).
  • A parental leave allowance strengthens your income if you should become a parent and go on parental leave.

Please note that local variations may apply

To ensure our offering is competitive, it is tailored to each local market. Read more about the details of the benefits that applies to your country on your local web career page or ask your recruitment specialist contact at SEB. If you are a Swedish citizen – change the language setting to Swedish to see the more detailed Swedish benefits.

Shaping your future with us

People are at the core of everything we do. Our culture is guided by a Diversity and Inclusion policy and we strive to make a social impact.

  • You get access to our internal job market and career opportunities as well as extensive learning opportunities in our online corporate university SEB Campus.
  • With gigs, you get the opportunity to work in another unit than your home unit to broaden your horizon or contribute with your unique competence.
  • Share your knowledge as a mentor in SEB or outside. We have a long-term collaboration with various organisations and there is also a possibility to do voluntary work.

We care about what you think and want to develop, therefore we regularly do leadership and employee polls.

And there’s more…

  • Our premises are modern and climate-friendly to create the best pre-conditions for your workday.
  • Restaurants and cafés, gym, sauna and training classes are available in many of our facilities.

Get engaged with your colleagues in various SEB associations and share your interests in areas such as sports or art.