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We aim to be very open and communicative for people who are interested in what it’s like to have a career here.

We post regularly on Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. And we email important updates to our talent network. So if you want the inside scoop and job opportunities, make sure to follow us!

Chats you didn’t know you needed

The purpose of the podcast is to delve into the dynamic intersection of employee career development, organisational culture, learning from failure, and innovative approaches to work.

Podcasts by SEB

Learn how to best manage your savings, deep dive into the world of sustainable finance or let our experts guide you to the latest macroeconomic trends. We offer podcasts for all different financial needs.

SEB Talks

SEB Talks are inspiring broadcasts where our experts give you the latest insights, forecasts and advice on everything from business and personal finance to sustainability and entrepreneurship.

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For questions, feel free to send us an email.