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Our recruitment process

What to expect when applying

Our process aims to be as clear and efficient as possible in order to allow a good decision to be made on both sides. We do handle thousands of applications and cannot deliver feedback to every applicant, but we try to deliver a consistent, positive experience nonetheless.


  1. Profile and Ad

    Job profiles of our vacant positions specify required competencies and experiences needed. The job profile serves as the basis for the ad published on our vacant positions, and usually via LinkedIn or other social media channels.
  2. The selection

    We believe that you are more than your CV. We use tests to assess your potential and to make sure our selection process is as objective and unbiased as possible. Regarding education, Academic grades are not the most important factor in evaluating a candidate’s fit at SEB. In many cases, theoretical curriculum is not a perfect indicator for a person’s potential in a role, so we focus primarily on practical work experience, skills and your potential to grow. Grades can still be a positive indicator, but they are secondary in importance relative to those other aspects.
  3. Interview

    You will be contacted for an initial interview if your profile meets the criteria for the position. A selected number of candidates will be invited for a second interview. It's always good to learn more about the unit for the job position. You can read more about this on our divisions.
  4. References and Background check

    We do a number of security checks on our final candidates. This includes for example identity control, verification of qualifications, credit checks, company engagements, control of criminal records and drug tests.
  5. Job offer

    The discussion around employment terms and salary will start as soon as you receive an offer from us. The employment contract will be signed upon agreement of terms. If you are offered a permanent or temporary employment depends on the specific role.

  6. Feedback to Applicants

    We will give feedback to all applicants in various ways during the recruitment process, including those who are not chosen for the position. The feedback is often in writing but when possible we give personal feedback.