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Net Zero Transition

Accelerating our clients’ transitions to a low-carbon economy.

We’re helping accelerate our clients’ transitions to a low-carbon economy. Industry by industry. Sector by sector. This is how we will reach our sustainability goals and ultimately help society reach net zero targets by 2050.

In November 2022, SEB’s President and CEO, Johan Torgeby, publicly shared how we’re tracking on our 2030 goals. Called Transition in Numbers, the event focused on how we’re financially partnering with our clients as they lower CO2 emissions in key industries such as transportation, construction and energy.

Keynote - on the climate transition

Marcus Wallenberg
, Chairman of the Board, SEB

Sustainability Outlook

Two members of the SEB External Sustainability Advisory Board (SESAB) look ahead. 

Gretchen C. Daily, Bing Professor of Environmental Science, Stanford University in discussion with Johan Torgeby President & CEO, SEB and Hans Beyer, Chief Sustainability Officer, SEB 

Keynote on the biosphere: Carl Folke, Professor, The Beijer Institute, The Royal Swedish Academy of Science

Panel debate – Business for the climate

What role does finance play for the climate? What does transition look like from a big corporate perspective? 

Tomas Flodén, CIO & CEO, AMF Fonder. Annica Bresky, President & CEO, Stora Enso. Henrik Henriksson, CEO, H2 Green Steel. Kristin Magnusson Bernard, CEO, AP1. Moderator Joachim Alpen, Co-Head of Large Corporates & Financial Institutions, SEB

SEB Greentech interview

Markus Hökfelt
, Investment Director, SEB Greentech VC

Concluding remarks

Hans Beyer
Chief Sustainability Officer, SEB

Watch the full event

The net zero transition is such a complex topic that we have made the full broadcast available.

Transition in Numbers: Towards Net Zero

One year ago, we outlined our strategy, setting our targets and roadmap to deliver on our net zero commitment. On 15 November 2022 it was time to share our progress – and our next steps.
This is the full recording of the event. 

Learn more about our sustainability work

  Our ambitions and goals 

A key part of our sustainability
strategy includes defining new
goals and ambitions for reducing
our fossil credit exposure.

Net zero ambitions and goals

  Supporting our clients

With advisory services, innovation,
sustainable finance and
investment products, we enable
companies to transition.

Our levels of support

  Commitments & policies

International commitments and a
robust policy framework ensure
that sustainability is implemented
throughout all levels of SEB.

How we integrate sustainability


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SEB’s sustainability experts have extensive knowledge in areas such as climate and financing solutions,
sustainable investments and regulatory development in the European Union.


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