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Sustainability at SEB

Actively supporting the net zero transition.

Actively supporting the sustainable transition.

Banks are central for allocating society's financial resources, and SEB plays an important role in the transition to a net zero society. We are partnering with our clients to lower CO2 emissions in key industries such as energy, transportation and construction.

SEB will be part of the solution because everything we do is guided by our purpose: to positively shape the future, today and for generations to come. Therefore, we align our strategy with the Paris Agreement and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Increase in sustainability activities since 2021.
Reduced fossil fuel exposure in credit portfolio since 2019.
Reduced financed emissions among sectors with 2030 targets (2020–2022).

Our role in the sustainability transition

This booklet explains SEB’s role in the sustainability transition, what we do and how we do it. Learn about our goals, strategies, and how we measure and take responsibility for a sustainable future. The brochure is currently in Swedish.

Sustainability brochure

We’re supporting clients in their transitions

Many of our clients in key industries such as transportation, energy and agriculture are leading the shift towards net zero. The challenges are often enormous, which is why we want to be the best financial partner possible.

The Green Bond

The Green Bond is a research publication from SEB where we aim to nourish the continued growth of the Green Bond market by providing relevant news and views.

Supporting our customers

Through innovative and sustainable financing, advice and investment products we enable our customers to make the choices supporting their transition towards the Paris Agreement. Those choices are the true contributors of financing the transition.

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Our strategy for sustainability

SEB has the power, opportunity and responsibility to impact the world we operate in. We are committed to partnering with our customers in their sustainability transition.

Our ways

International commitments, a robust policy framework and a clear governance structure ensure integration of sustainability in SEB, and our ability to serve our customers. Together with the commitment and knowledge of our employees we harness our abilities.

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Our impact

Our provision of banking services impacts the transition towards a sustainable society. We challenge our ways of doing business by integrating sustainability in lending and investing. Communicating our engagement and progress is part of our responsibility.

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Sustainability in SEB Investment Management AB

SEB’s fund company integrates sustainability into all investment decisions – both to create value for our customers and because we, as an asset manager, have a responsibility to do so.

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Questions and answers

We receive many questions about how we work with sustainability. Here we have compiled the questions and their answers.


Contact us

SEB's sustainability experts have extensive knowledge in areas such as climate and financing solutions, sustainable investments and regulatory development in the European Union.


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