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Sustainability transition

Climate change is one of the most important and urgent challenges of all time. In order to limit global warming, the world needs to switch to a low-carbon economy. This will require significant investment.

As a bank, we play an important role in facilitating these investments. At SEB, we have a clear ambition to be a positive force in the change that is required and increase the pace towards a sustainable future for people, companies and society. Through the capital we employ, we have the power, the opportunity and the responsibility to positively influence the world we live in.

We can achieve the greatest possible change by cooperating with existing customers and supporting them in their transition. We do that by providing responsible advice and viable financing. Is it also possible for customers to contribute to sustainable development through their savings and investments.

Personal insights into sustainability development

In a series of articles – Transition Reflections – SEB’s experts share insights and reflections on significant sustainability developments and topics.

Transition reflections

Behind the scenes – accelerating transparency in sustainable finance

Lina Norder, Sustainable Finance Specialist, takes the readers behind the scenes of the work done within the EU Platform on Sustainable Finance. An advisory group to the European Commission, it gathers industry experts to contribute to better policy and regulation. SEB is the only bank represented.
Transition reflections

The fast, furious – and fair – energy transition

Gregor Vulturius, SEB's Lead Scientist and Advisor within Climate & Sustainable Finance, brings over 10 years of experience in working with policy makers, the financial sector, academia, and civil society. He is also the editor in chief of “The Green Bond”, SEB's research publication that strives to bring you the latest insights into the world of sustainable finance – one theme at a time.

Our sustainability initiatives in numbers

Decrease in SEB’s fossil fuel credit exposure year-end 2023 since the end of 2019.
Increase in SEB Greentech Venture Capital investments year-end 2023, compared with 2021.
Increase in SEB’s Sustainability Activity Index (The Green) year-end 2023, compared with a 2021 baseline.
SEK 111bn
Value of SEB-facilitated issuance of sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds 2023.
Increase in the volume of green mortgages 2023, compared to 2021.
SEB Investment Management is committed to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.
Number of dialogues with companies on sustainability and corporate governance issues by SEB Asset Management 2023.
SEK 259bn
Sustainability-related financing to our customers during 2023.

Sustainability terms explained

See all sustainability terms explained

Through a series of short clips, SEB’s sustainability experts explains different sustainability terms and how they are connected to finance.

We’re supporting clients in their transitions

Many of our clients in key industries such as transportation, energy and agriculture are leading the shift towards net zero. The challenges are often enormous, which is why we want to be the best financial partner possible.

Our role in the sustainability transition

This booklet explains SEB’s role in the sustainability transition, what we do and how we do it. Learn about our goals, strategies, and how we measure and take responsibility for a sustainable future. The brochure is currently in Swedish.

Sustainability brochure

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SEB's sustainability experts have extensive knowledge in areas such as climate and financing solutions, sustainable investments and regulatory development in the European Union.


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