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Our strategy for sustainability

A car driving through the forest . The image is taken from above.

As a bank we have the power, opportunity and responsibility to impact the world we operate in. SEB’s sustainability strategy sets the long-term framework for how we contribute to a sustainable future

SEB has a strong ambition to contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for people, businesses and society and we want to be a leading catalyst in this transition. Our bank is built upon long lasting customer relationships and we engage in our customers’ efforts to transform towards a sustainable future by offering our services, know-how and financial solutions.

Our ambition is to integrate sustainability in all relevant areas within our bank and by that managing both the direct impact of our own operations and actions as well as taking responsibility for the result of the financing and investment activities we offer our customers.

Commitments and positions

To make sure our stakeholders can follow and compare our efforts we have committed to a number of important international undertakings that support the transition to a sustainable society. The UN Principles for Responsible Banking, the Poseidon Principles and the Net Zero Banking Alliance are among the more recent initiatives we have signed up to and that we believe will help align the financial sector’s efforts to reach a more sustainable society.

Our positions are central to our sustainability strategy and is also an important tool for stakeholders to understand how we manage our business, and for our employees in their daily work. The positions are organised into thematic policies and sector policies and are revised every year by the Board of Directors.

We combine these positions with targets to make sure that we are on the right track and in line with the undertakings we have signed. The targets are measurable and cover both portfolio and revenue development. Initially they are primarily focusing on climate but will over time and in line with regulatory development also include a wider scope of factors.

Supporting tomorrow’s solutions

We support tomorrow’s solutions for today’s challenges. This support has to be built on a solid ground of data and experience. We have developed a Sustainable classification model to support our customers’ understanding of their absolute and relative positions in relation to eligible sustainability goals. We invest in industrial know-how and develop collaborations with producers and consumer companies. We have a Green Tech Fund in order to support innovative sustainable development entrepreneurs. We also build and participate in international networks to facilitate standard setting and to ensure avoidance of greenwashing. 

SEB’s sustainability strategy builds on the strength of our organisation and our ability to continuously attract the right people. It is when we combine our contribution to society, our abilities, our profitability and our passion that we succeed in delivering our true value on the road to a sustainable future.