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Client stories

The environmental challenges are global and systemic. Industries, corporates and societies have an important role in achieving the sustainable development goals. Many of them need to change in order to reach the sustainability goals but more important to futureproof for coming generations.

Finding the best way forward can be hard.

Corporates need to source large amounts of capital to invest heavily in new innovations, development and implementation of ideas and technologies to speed up the sustainability transition.

How do you invest? Do we solely reward companies that are already ‘green' and sustainable? Or do we also help those with the largest climate footprints to transform their business models into more sustainable ones? What role will the EU Taxonomy play? How do you measure success of the investments you have made? What kind of data is available?

Listen to clients on their view on this important topic and their strategies when investing.


Ferd is a family-owned investment company. Their wide-ranging activities encompass active ownership and corporate development at private and listed companies, investment in financial assets, real estate development, investment via external managers, impact investing and social entrepreneurship. 

Meet Tom Erik Myrland, Chief Investment Officer at Ferd. 

PFA Asset Management

FA Group is a Danish pension provider and one of the biggest private pension companies in Europe. Corporate responsibility is a large part of their DNA. PFA Asset Management is a subsidiary of the PFA Group.

Meet Klaus Örtoft Madsen, Chief Portfolio Manager, Head of Equities at PFA Asset Management. 

Kepos Capital

Kepos Capital, founded in 2010, is a registered investment adviser based in New York, USA. They employ systematic macro strategies to manage over $2 billion in assets for a global, institutional investor base.

Meet Mark Carhart, Chief Investment Officer at Kepos Capital. 

Previous client stories

Trium Capital

Trium Capital – a hedge fund manager based in the United Kingdom – invest in companies which have a pronounced view and measures taken to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact through their ESG Emission Impact Fund.

Meet Joseph Mares, Portfolio Manager at Trium Capital.