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"A good picture of the tech opportunities in the bank"

Julius Bendezu

“The tech programme is giving me the opportunity to get to know the company and see what opportunities exist in various parts of the bank. It is giving so much more than if I were to have accepted a specific job directly,” says system scientist Julius Bendezu, who is participating in SEB’s tech programme. 

Julius Bendezu is one of 19 participants from Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania who in September climbed onboard SEB’s tech programme, which will continue until March. In parallel with this, the bank’s international trainee programme also started, with 20 participants. The two programmes have many joint activities and tasks, giving their participants opportunities to get to know each other and form networks.

What prompted you to apply to SEB’s tech programme?

“I wanted to get to know a company and was looking into trainee programmes, which are a good way to get introduced in a company. I saw that SEB offers a programme that focuses on the entire bank and provides opportunities to work with a real-life business challenge. That felt exciting.”

What are you doing during your trainee programme?

“I spend about half of my time as a programmer in the area of authorisation systems. We are working on developing a system that gives corporate customers the opportunity themselves to manage their staff and assign various authorisation levels.

“I spend the other half of my time on activities in the tech programme. These are not so distinctly technical, rather, much of the focus is on ‘soft’ aspects and provides a broader insight into the bank. This means that I am getting a good picture of the opportunities that exist and where I may fit in in the future.”

Is there anything you’ve been surprised by?

“Yes, that I so quickly was entrusted with and given responsibility for developing actual systems.”

What is your advice for others who are thinking about applying for a trainee position at SEB?

“If you are curious about how things work in a broader perspective and not only about strictly technical matters, this is a very good programme. Don’t be afraid to apply. Acceptances are based not only on your formal level of education, but also on your personal qualities.”

About Julius Bendezu

Title: System Developer

Education: B.Sc. Systems Science, Stockholm University

Personal interests: I’m a bit of a technology nerd. I like gadgets, playing video games and programming during my free time. But occasionally I’ll take a break and play guitar (classical and Spanish).