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Only you can set the limit for what you want to explore

After studying a master’s program in AI at Linköpings University, Shahin Salehi applied to SEB’s Tech Programme. Today, he has been with the bank for about a year and works as a Data Scientist in the AIOps team - a team dedicated to improving processes for how AI and machine learning are used to identify changes in the bank’s IT infrastructure. He shares his experiences from the Tech Programme and explains what sets SEB apart as an employer. 

What made you choose SEB? 

– I had actually never considered SEB an obvious tech employer. However, something that has always motivated me is the desire to excel in what I do and work in an environment where I can leverage my interests and have the opportunity to develop. That’s exactly what drew me to SEB when I heard about the Tech Programme and the AIOps team. I had never before heard of AIOps, but after looking into it, I thought, “Wow, what an ambitious goal”. AIOps is by definition a very challenging problem that requires high expertise. Therefore, I find it very impressive that SEB started its own team, rather than just outsourcing solutions. Today, we are one of the first AIOps teams that actually have AI in production and have come a long way compared to many tech companies. I believe this is thanks to the environment that the bank has created and the fact that we truly invest in expertise. Here, you get to do what you’re best at and have the opportunity to lead your team to the forefront. That feels really motivating. 

In what way is the Tech Programme a valuable experience? 

– Through the programme, you get a really good understanding of how everything in the bank is connected, which allows you to see more clearly the value that your team delivers. You’re exposed to many experienced individuals working in the field you’re interested in and can quickly build a network. You also have the opportunity to jump into different teams and see how others work. This not only allows you to explore new, interesting areas but also enables you to bring that knowledge back to your own team. In this way, you build a solid foundation for identifying potential problems, solutions, or collaborations. It’s really only you who can set the limit for what you want to explore. 

What do you think was the best part of the programme? 

– There are many great aspects of the programme, but the best is definitely the friends you make. It may sound like a cliché, but what leads me to say this is the fact that the bank invests a lot in diversity and inclusion, and it truly shows. There are people here from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities, and we all learn to communicate with each other in a diversified environment. It makes you feel more comfortable, and I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes. The reason I can be productive and deliver value is precisely because I feel included and comfortable in my workplace. In this regard, I believe SEB has made significant progress compared to others. 

What are you looking forward to in your future at the bank? 

– After just one year, I have learned so much. It makes me wonder what could happen in the coming years from now. There are still so many unexplored problems within financial institutions, which means there are always new initiatives to get involved in and learn from. The idea of working on real problems and succeeding in finding solutions that no one has done before feels so exciting. So, right now, I’m looking forward to new challenges and all the changes that might come.