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SEB offers good opportunities to gain experience and take on new responsibilities

As a full stack developer at SEB, Benjamin Gafvelin has the opportunity to grow and develop, both in and outside his role.

When Benjamin Gafvelin was invited to participate in SEB’s Tech Programme, he didn’t realise that the bank is one of the largest technology employers in the Nordic area.

“This programme has given me an unbelievably good foundation and also led to valuable contacts throughout SEB,” he says.

Tell us more about the programme!

“SEB contacted me before I graduated while I was studying at KTH. After graduation, I took part in the Tech Programme for six months. This took about half my time in parallel with my probationary employment. In addition to the technology-related content in the programme such as Google Cloud, AIOPS, hackathons and cyber security, we focused on soft values including communication, leadership and how to create an inclusive work environment. I think it is especially valuable for us developers to participate in this type of programme since it can be easy to end up in your own little bubble when you sit and cut code. The programme also provides an internal network which gives a sense of security and makes contacts throughout the bank.”

What’s it like to work as a developer at SEB?

“Since SEB is such a big technology employer in the Nordics, you can work in lots of different areas without needing to leave your workplace to try out something new. There are also good opportunities to grow and take on new responsibilities. Perhaps you are attracted to taking a lead in an area, being Scrum Master or develop leadership? SEB offers all these opportunities and many more. Personally, I was given a lot of responsibility straight away and then took more of a lead role, which is incredibly rewarding. Also, we have an inclusive environment where you get a lot of help from colleagues around you. Everyone wants the end product to be as good as possible.”

What would you yourself have liked to know about working life when you were a student?

“As a new IT graduate, the absolutely most difficult thing is to get a foot in the sector. So programmes such as SEB’s Tech Programme are invaluable and an excellent way to start a career. Also you don’t need to feel that you must know everything at once, It’s about having drive and ambition and then learning as you go.”