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"At SEB there is sense of drive and job fulfilment"

Jeanette Almberg

SEB is ranked as one of Sweden’s best employers in various contexts. The bank’s long-term focus is the spine of the entire business – not least with respect to its societal engagement.

SEB has on many occasions, and in various contexts, been named as Sweden’s best employer in its sector, including in Universum’s surveys of students and actively working professionals. On top of being a large employer in the financial sector, the bank is also one of Sweden’s largest employers in tech and IT. Jeanette Almberg is Head of Group Human Resources and a member of the Group Executive Committee. Her job is to make sure the organisation lives up to its prominent position among the employees and to ensure access to the right competence, the right leaders and motivated employees in an increasingly dynamic world.

“I have a passion for finding people who are equipped for the future,” she says. “Continuous learning is a societal issue, and we must feel secure that all our people have access to new knowledge. It’s an incredibly exciting job, and I am proud of SEB as a company!”

To be able to meet the future’s challenges, SEB is looking above all for people who are talented in innovation and in driving change – especially in leadership. Jeanette Almberg explains that the current shift requires transformative leadership that has insight into customers’ changing needs and where the bank is headed amidst new conditions.

“The banking world as an industry has become a central hub in society. This is attractive for those who want to influence and be a part of creating something new. Therefore we need leaders who understand emerging technologies, modern ways of working and the need for continuous learning. We need to develop more blended teams with varying functions. And we need engineers and IT specialists as much as we need economists. It is when these collaborate that we come up with the best customer solutions.”

SEB was founded by the Wallenberg family more than 160 years ago. This becomes apparent in the bank’s societal engagement and in the long-term perspective that exists in everything it does – from employees and customer relationships to technology and research. To find tomorrow’s talent the bank puts great effort into taking an active role in society and in being out and meeting students at schools and universities.

“We have a broad offering of opportunities and career paths, both with myriad business roles, but also specialists in law and IT, for example. Moreover, we have created a work environment that is open and conducive to collaboration. At SEB we have a strong sense of drive and job fulfilment, and a large variation of highly professional people. I also think that many new employees are surprised by the international perspective – we have operations in 20 countries and a coupling to the international arena,” concludes Jeanette Almberg.