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SEB × ClimateView

Swedish app shows cities a faster way to zero emissions.

Swedish tech company ClimateView has developed an innovative platform to help cities plan, manage, and fund their climate transitions successfully.



Our role




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A large amount of capital is needed to make cities and municipalities climate smart. ClimateView has developed innovative technology that quickly turns climate ambitions into investable projects. Through advanced simulation, the frameworks needed for clear financing plans are created to help cities shift to zero carbon economies.

ClimateView currently collaborates with cities in 9 countries across Europe, the USA and Canada.

SEB has invested in ClimateView and is actively working with its tools to accelerate green financing solutions that can help cities and municipalities transition towards net zero.

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  Our ambitions and goals 

A key part of our sustainability
strategy includes defining new
goals and ambitions for reducing
our fossil credit exposure.

Net zero ambitions and goals

  Supporting our clients

With advisory services, innovation,
sustainable finance and
investment products, we enable
companies to transition.

Our levels of support

  Commitments & policies

International commitments and a
robust policy framework ensure
that sustainability is implemented
throughout all levels of SEB.

How we integrate sustainability


Contact us

SEB’s sustainability experts have extensive knowledge in areas such as climate and financing solutions,
sustainable investments and regulatory development in the European Union.


Reach out to our sustainability contacts