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Exotic to some. Home markets to us.

Why invest in the Scandies?

The Nordic currency markets provide an interesting alternative for global investors. Although the countries share history and a common ground for how society should be run, the currency arrangements are different. Contact us through this e-mail adress fxmarkets@seb.se directly or keep reading for more details. 

What SEB FX can offer you

A glance of what we can offer our customers:

  • 24h market coverage
  • Leading Scandinavian bank within Electronic FX Solutions'
  • First-ranked FX Research in Prospera ranking for 14 consecutive years
  • Integrated to all main platforms and offer algo execution
  • FX sales and trading services in 13 locations globally
  • 24 hours seamless front to back-office functionality
  • First Scandinavian US swap dealer#1
  • Free access to the SEB research portal
  • Senior team with a highly valuable network among policy makers and industrial leaders

Contact us

Contact us through this e-mail adress directly. We usually respond within 24 hours.