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Malin Heyman
FX Prime Brokerage
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Acting on highlighted opportunities

Research only becomes meaningful when the opportunities it highlights are acted upon. Through FX Prime Brokerage, we enable clients to access foreign exchange markets in an efficient and low-cost way. Our far-reaching service allows you to enjoy multi-bank liquidity as well as delivering efficiencies from reduced legal negotiations, credit exposure and operational consolidation.

As the only Nordic FX Prime Broker and one of the world's leading UCITS III providers, we enable clients to trade with multiple counterparties or ECNs as well as offering multiple master agreements with many executing brokers.

As our client, you enjoy a single legal relationship, a single consolidated credit relationship and a single operations contact delivering greater cost effective collateral efficiency and a reduction in risk.

At FX Prime Brokerage, we handle managed accounts as well as providing structured products for synthetic Prime Brokerage. We also offer listed product exchange memberships for clients wishing to trade listed Futures and Options.

We provide SEB's FXPB technology backed by our proprietary eFX platform Trading Station which includes live pricing and research. In addition to 24-hour global trading and support, we provide real-time reporting.

FX Prime Brokerage is also a member of the Traiana Harmony Network, meaning that, with one connection, you access all your trading relationships, significantly reducing the complexity of these relationships, increasing operational efficiency and removing the costs associated with maintaining multiple connections.