Speeding things up

SEB continues to invest heavily in state-of-the-art technology. With one of the industry's most advanced platforms for electronic foreign exchange, we provide 24 hour electronic direct market access with the highest speed of execution and connectivity through our Trading Station platform.

Close partnership with our clients has enabled us to build expertise in providing an overall solution for e-FX. Forecast tools, pre- and post-trade STP on both Voice and electronic FX and MM trading reduce your operational risk and free up time in the FX management process.

Along with electronic confirmations, matching, reports and STP to all major treasury systems, we can provide you with a complete offering as your Treasury management partner.

Trading Station is continuously updated with real-time information on exchange rates, interest-rate levels, market information and research. Our clients now use Trading Station for 70 per cent of their foreign-exchange activities.

In addition, multibank portals and trading platforms allow you to automate trading with proprietary strategies, integrate proprietary platforms with your back-office, receive direct market access, API programmability and functionality and institutional-level connectivity and execution.

Our high-end FX solutions offer you the latest technologies for strategy development, execution and charting.