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Meet Thilo Zimmermann, heading SEB Shanghai

China is a highly regulated market and sports fierce competition. But there are still business opportunities in abundance, says Thilo Zimmermann in this interview.

How to protect yourself from fraudsters

The number of coronavirus-related frauds are increasing. But keeping a few things in mind, you are able to protect yourself and your organisation.

SEB is investing in fintech company Capcito

The company offers an online service through which companies can link their business systems to Capcito and thereby gain access to dynamic operational financing based on their cash flow and underlying accounts receivable.

Partners in sustainable transformation

We are convinced that companies that integrate sustainability perspectives in their operations are more successful in the long run. The choices we make today determine what opportunities we and our customers have tomorrow. Together with our customers we transition towards more sustainable business models.  

Get inspired – see the videos about Sustainable transformation

In good times. And bad.

The COVID crisis has deeply affected health, business, and society as a whole. Probably to a greater extent than anyone could ever imagine. We'd like to dedicate this film to everyone who's fighting to get through these tough times.

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