We have a strong ambition to contribute to sustainable development and we are committed to support our customers in the transformation towards a low-carbon economy. We are convinced that companies integrating sustainability perspectives into their operations are more successful in the long run.

Our approach

As a bank we have a great responsibility for how we run our business, what we finance and what we invest in. We aim to create long-term value from an economic social and environmental perspective. Thereby, we want to support our customers in developing towards a more sustainable world.

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How we work

In the customer dialogues we integrate sustainable advisory and innovation, financing and investment solutions as well as competence development among our people. By combining advisory expertise and sustainable offerings we strive to be the trusted partner in the transition.

How we work

Our stance

We aim to be transparent about how we work and how we constantly develop our business for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and the society. We describe our stance within environment and climate, human rights, labour rights and social relations, anti-corruption and crime prevention, tax and people.

Our stance in important areas

SEB and the SDG's

Since 2015, the world has one common development agenda, to achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through our products and services, and through how we support our customers, SEB can contribute to achieving several of the SDG's.

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Identifying our material matters

We address and manage our most material matters to create long-term value for our stakeholders and for realising our strategy. We do this through on-going dialogues with our stakeholders in combination with our own assessment of issues that are of strategic importance for our business.

Our material issues

Responsible and active ownership

Working with sustainable and responsible investments is a key part of our fund company’s daily operations. The strategy is three-fold – we include companies that perform well in sustainability, influence companies by being active owners, and exclude industries and companies that underperform. 

How we integrate sustainability into our investments

Governance, policies and reporting

A clear governance structure ensures that our sustainability efforts address relevant issues and that they are implemented across the entire company. We adhere to several global initiatives, and report annually on how our sustainability work is developing.

How we work with governance, policies and reporting

We answer frequently asked questions

We receive many questions about how we work with sustainability. In our ambition to increase transparency we want to make more information available to all  stakeholders, and we have here gathered many of the frequently asked questions.

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