Climate impact in asset management

We actively work to reduce climate impact of our holdings, starting with our sustainability and ethical funds. SEB aims to integrate sustainability aspects, including climate aspects, into all types of investments and in all asset classes and we are constantly raising the share of sustainability funds in our own fund offering. All SEB’s sustainability funds exclude companies engaged in the extraction of fossil fuels.

Engagements in asset management

In our holdings, we actively support a transition away from coal as an energy source for companies where coal based generation exceeds 10 per cent of total generation. The focus of the work is primarily on European power companies.

SEB engages directly in a dialogue with companies’ management and boards of directors regarding how to make improvements in issues related to environment and climate change.

During 2018, we performed 177 engagement dialogues with focus on environment, especially thermal coal usage and climate change. As regards international companies, SEB collaborates with other investors as well as with partners like Hermes EOS, IIGCC, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and PRI Clearinghouse.

Reporting carbon footprint in funds

SEB has signed the Montreal Carbon Pledge and thereby commits to annually report on its funds’ carbon footprint. In 2018, 92 per cent of SEB’s equity funds were measured and reported on SEB’s website from all three central emission areas (scope 1–3) according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
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