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Our impact areas

Sustainability is an important and integral part of our ambition to create value for customers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

We recognise that a prerequisite for a prosperous and sustainable society is an awareness and understanding of sustainability challenges and a willingness and ability to act. As a bank we are a central part in allocating society's financial resources, financing the transition to a sustainable society. We define our material impact within the environmental, social and governance areas.


We are aware of our responsibility to contribute to sustainable development and are addressing environmental aspects in financing and investments as well as in managing our direct impact. We believe that this is also good business practice for our company and our business partners. Environmental responsibility concerns the impact that we or our business partners have on living and non-living natural systems, including ecosystems, land, air and water. This responsibility includes monitoring of environmental input (such as material, energy, water) and output (such as emissions, effluents, waste) as well as performance related to biodiversity, environmental compliance, environmental expenditure and the impact of products and services. We expect our clients and portfolio companies to manage natural resources responsibly.


Our commitment to creating social impact is linked to our ability to leverage our current expertise, assets, financial products and services to enable people and communities to prosper and grow.

We are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial for our prosperity, innovativeness and growth. Put simply, a broad variety of ideas, skills and experiences among our employees will serve to increase our creativity, problem solving-skills and our understanding of customer needs.


Clear and effective structures for responsibility distribution ensure that SEB's sustainability efforts address relevant issues and that they are implemented across the entire company. Strong ethics, effective governance and adequate reporting support our sustainability work. Read more about SEB's Sustainability Governance.

Our approach to corporate governance is based on a set of values and behaviours that underpin our activities, and are designed to promote transparency, fair dealing and the protection of stakeholder interests. We see this as fundamental to the sustainability of our business and our performance.

Business ethics and anti-corruption

We counteract all forms of corruption, in line with rules and regulations. These include external as well as internal incidents, processes and behaviours related to corruption.

Our approach to tax

SEB operates in over 20 countries, where tax rules and regulations are not fully harmonised across borders. We work strategically and long-term on securing compliance within applicable tax laws and regulations.


Remuneration is part of the total offering that enhances SEB's attractiveness as an employer. The overall ambition is to promote long-term commitment to creating sustainable value for customers and shareholders.