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Our approach to tax

SEB plays a significant role in society, contributing to economic growth and prosperity both as an employer and through providing customers with financing and savings solutions, risk management and payment services. In all of this, the subject of taxes and tax governance is relevant and important.

By monitoring the development within the tax area thoroughly, SEB continuously works to adapt to changing expectations.

Customer knowledge is fundamental for SEB. Operating in more than 20 countries, SEB supports many customers in international trade and global cross-border businesses. Recognising that tax rules and regulations are changing and not fully harmonised across these many different jurisdictions, SEB aims to show good corporate practice in the area of tax.

We pay taxes in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in all countries where SEB operates. We strive to have high standards for tax governance.

SEB operates in accordance with applicable tax laws and regulations. We must not use, encourage or facilitate products or services in conflict with tax legislation and anti-tax avoidance law. SEB must not co-operate with external parties to facilitate products or services in conflict with tax legislation or anti-tax avoidance law. SEB works actively with risk assessments, frameworks and controls in order to ensure compliance.
We have established a group-wide Tax Policy which is adopted by the Board and is reviewed annually.

Read the Tax Policy (pdf)