Environment and climate

At SEB, we recognise the importance of limiting the average global temperature rise to well below the 2⁰C target. Financial institutions have a crucial role to play in enabling the transition from a carbon-intensive economy to more efficient low-carbon alternatives. We believe it is vital that businesses understand and respond to climate risks as well as seize opportunities to contribute to building a more resilient and sustainable global economy.

Climate change strategy

Sustainability, environment and climate issues have been an integrated part of SEB’s business for many years. We are committed to our long-term relations with our customers, and we want to support them in their transition towards a more sustainable world. A number of strategic decisions have been taken as a result of the development linked to climate change.
This is how we contribute

Climate impact in asset management

We actively work to reduce the climate impact of our holdings, starting with our sustainability and ethical funds. SEB aims to integrate sustainability aspects, including climate aspects, into all types of investments and in all asset classes and we are constantly raising the share of sustainability funds in our own fund offering. 
This is how we integrate climate in asset management

Our own environmental footprint

We actively work to reduce our own environmental impact and we have set a target to reduce our own climate footprint by 20% from 2016 to 2020. To achieve that, we continuously work to decrease our carbon emissions, including reducing business travel and improving energy efficiency. 
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