Our own environmental footprint

Climate change is one of today's most serious challenges. SEB recognises the importance of limiting the average global temperature rise to well below the 2°C target. We therefore actively work to reduce our own environmental impact.

Our targets to 2020

We have set a target to reduce our own climate footprint by 20 per cent to 2020.  We continuously work to decrease our carbon emissions. In 2019, the bank reduced its total carbon emissions by 4.6 per cent. To reach our goal we strive to:

  • Reduce business travel by using alternative techniques for meetings
  • Improve energy efficiency at our operations and buildings
  • Use renewable energy in our buildings
  • Work with our suppliers to minimise our carbon footprint together

Besides the overall CO2 reduction, the targets for 2020 include a 20 per cent reduction of emissions from energy consumption.

SEB aims for climate neutrality 2021

In the autumn of 2020 SEB decided on new goals to reduce the bank’s own climate impact. We aim for emissions of greenhouse gases from energy consumption, use of paper, company cars and business travel to be almost zero by 2045. Through climate compensation, however, the bank will reach a net effect of zero already from 2021.

The new goals were set by SEB’s Group Executive Committee and include a number of milestones that compared with 2008 will result in a 66% reduction by 2025, a 75% reduction by 2030 and a 100% reduction by 2045.

Key measures required to achieve the goals include focusing on air travel routines, ensuring that SEB’s electricity consumption is from renewable sources to an even greater extent as well as electrifying the bank’s entire company car fleet.

The new plan will be evaluated annually to review whether additional factors that affect the bank’s own climate footprint should be included, or if there are more effective ways to make better calculations going forward. Read more here.