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Sustainable innovation

Image taken from above of the archipelago.

SEB has a long history of innovation, entrepreneurship and an international perspective. This is part of our DNA. We strive to be a catalyst in the sustainability transition, and we continuously drive the development of products, services and standards on the sustainable finance market

SEB pioneered by developing the Green Bond concept in close collaboration with investors and the World Bank in 2007–2008, as a response to increased investor demand for engagement in climate-related opportunities. Since then the green bond market has expanded to include social bonds, sustainable bonds, sustainability-linked bonds, green loans and sustainability-linked loans.

SEB was among the leading participants in defining and launching ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (2014), and an executive Board member of the Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines and Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles. We have thus for long been a core stakeholder in establishing the common ground for labelled bonds, an important contribution to mitigate green washing in a fast-growing market.

The Impact Metric Tool

Among the sustainable finance products we have invented is the SEB Impact Metric Tool. This advisory tool analyses sustainability factors of investment portfolios. It can measure environmental, social and governance aspects of a company’s operations, the SDG impact of its products and services, alignment to the EU Taxonomy and analyse the financial impacts of physical and transition risks on investments.

The Impact Metric Tool can also be used to provide SEB’s customers with portfolio analyses and periodic reports, to design new portfolios, and to set internal key performance indicators for existing portfolios. Read more here IMT Impact Metric Tool .

SEB Greentech

In addition to focusing on serving our customers with innovative sustainable finance skills, we also support entrepreneurs in the Greentech sector.

 In 2020, SEB created SEB Greentech, a unit within the bank that invests venture capital in green technology, a sector that is undergoing rapid development and that will play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable society. These companies  develop solutions which in a decisive way can improve the use of natural resources and reduce negative ecological impacts.