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Sustainable innovation

Innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and an international perspective are part of our DNA, and we aim to be a driving force and catalyst in the development of sustainable finance.

In the sustainable finance market SEB pioneered by developing the Green Bond concept in close collaboration with the World Bank and investors in 2007–2008. This was a response to increased investor demand for engagement in climate-related opportunities.

Since then the green bond market has expanded to include social bonds, sustainable bonds, sustainability-linked bonds, green loans and sustainability-linked loans.

SEB was among the initial participants in defining and launching ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (2013/2014), and contributes as an executive Board member of the Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines and Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles. We have thus for long been a core stakeholder in establishing the common ground for labelled bonds and to mitigate green washing in a fast-growing market.

SEB Greentech Venture Capital

SEB Greentech VC is a unit within SEB that invests venture capital in green technology, a sector that is undergoing rapid development and will play a key role in the transition to a more sustainable society. The unit initially focuses on Nordic companies developing solutions that in a decisive way can improve the use of natural resources and reduce negative ecological impacts, for example in areas such as renewable energy, energy storage, water and agricultural technology, circular business models and waste management.

SEB Greentech has made investments in companies that are developing sustainable chemical production, technology for wave energy and methods of producing environment-friendly bio-coal, as well as planning tools that help cities reduce their carbon footprint. 

SEB Greentech VC

SEB’s Innovation Forum

SEB’s Innovation Forum is a platform that gives newly launched innovation companies with connections to Sweden’s higher education sector the opportunity to meet potential investors in SEB’s network. By matching committed investors with young, promising companies, we want to create the conditions for future growth companies and successful solutions.

The meetings between investors and the presenting companies have so far been successful. On average, nine out of ten investors have stated that they would consider investing capital, and 40-60 percent of the companies have received new investors.

SEB's Innovation Forum (in Swedish)

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SEB's sustainability experts have extensive knowledge in areas such as climate and financing solutions, sustainable investments and regulatory development in the European Union.


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