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SEB Greentech VC

SEB Greentech Venture Capital invests in green technology, focusing on transformative ideas that promise substantial impact in reducing greenhouse gas emissions or in preventing transgression of the planetary boundaries. We can invest in hardware, software and technology platform solutions, in sectors ranging from renewable energy, energy storage, water and agricultural technology, circular business models, to waste management.

We expect the companies to be in a phase where they have tested and adapted their technology to real operating conditions, and preferably have revenues with repetitive orders from key customers. SEB Greentech VC is particularly searching for teams with a relentless dedication to their mission, and who are ready to scale their business internationally.

Why SEB Greentech VC?

SEB Greentech Venture Capital started in late 2020 to address consequences of the climate crisis. We foresee a massive industry transformation in only two business cycles, with a need for the public and private sector to close an enormous investment gap to reach targets. We build on SEB's heritage to support entrepreneurship and nurture innovation. SEB have worked with venture capital investment since 1995 and have a business focus with strong emphasis on sustainability.

Our investment philosophy

Based on our extensive experience we understand that investments in new, green technology take longer time to develop and mature than traditional venture capital investments. We accommodate this through our direct equity, balance sheet investment structure. With an ambitious plan to triple our existing SEK 600m mandate to 2030.

SEB Greentech VC provides access to capital that enable technology development, growth and expansion. Our initial investment is often SEK 10-40m. Our structure allows us to continue to commit as long as we bring value to the company. We are active minority investors aiming for a board seat, and operate across Europe, but with a focus on the Nordic and Baltic markets.

In addition to capital and our experienced SEB Greentech VC team, we can draw on expertise from other parts of the bank. This means we offer access to deep knowledge, broad skills as well as an international network within and beyond SEB. 

Facilitating that young greentech companies gain access to funding in an early stage is key for SEB.
President and CEO