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Our portfolio

Our ambitious portfolio of companies address global challenges with cutting edge solutions to improve the use of natural resources or reduce negative ecological impacts.

C-Green Technology

C-Green Technology has developed a circular and energy efficient process to convert wet bio-sludge waste streams into a dry and sterile bio-coal. Bio-sludge is a global waste stream from all bio-based processes and industries such as human wastewater treatment, food production & food waste, manure, paper & pulp etc. causing global warming by methane leakage, overfertilization of nitrogen, depletion of phosphorus and contamination from bacteria and viruses.



ClimateView has developed a dynamic planning and visualisation tool that helps cities and municipalities to become aware of and reduce their carbon footprint in accordance with global climate targets. In order for cities to reach the net zero goals, enormous investments will have to be made and tools to facilitate the investment evaluations will be necessary. Cities account for more than 70 per cent of the world’s total carbon emissions if you include housing, production, consumption, transportation, and infrastructure.


logo CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean

CorPower Ocean has developed wave energy technology that enable production of clean electricity from our oceans. The Wave Energy Converters (WECs), combine survivability in the toughest storm conditions and efficient harvesting of electricity in normal wave conditions. The compact lightweight WECs are easy to install and maintain using low-cost vessels, bringing down operational costs. Electricity from wave power has an additional value to provide as the waves provide more base-load type of continuous production compared to that of wind- and solar.


ogo EnginZyme


EnginZyme has developed a cell-free technology platform that combines the breadth and power of biology and the efficiencies of the chemical industry, to achieve sustainable chemical production. By replacing traditional fossil-based manufacturing to produce better, greener and cheaper products used every day. The EziG platform is specifically suitable also for production in flow-bed reactors enabling large scale production in high volumes and fast throughput times a reality.


logo Esforin


Esforin has developed a solution for algorithm-based trading, increasing flexibility in the energy market and contributing to reduced carbon dioxide emissions. It is about optimizing supply and demand by allowing electricity customers to bring energy back to the grid when their demand is low. The ability to flexibly increase or decrease energy use makes it possible to bring more renewable energy sources into the grid. Esforin’s clients include energy-intensive industrial companies and municipal energy companies, as well as producers within renewable energy and battery storage.



Metry automates collection and structuring of energy data from commercial properties into Metry's data platform and provides property owners with a holistic view of their energy consumption. With all data automatically compiled in one place, real estate owners and real estate managers can focus on energy management and ESG reporting instead. Real estate accounts for up to 40 percent of global energy use and the world's climate emissions. As many as 75 percent of buildings in Europe are classified as inefficient, thus the need for reliable data to enable correct investment decisions is clear, both for property owners, property managers and banks, to reduce the overall energy consumption.


logo Qvantum


Qvantum develops next generation affordable heat pumps for the heating and cooling market in Europe, enabling decarbonization and electrification of urban areas and cities. Their innovative modular solutions enable easier and more flexible installations, helping corporations and consumers to transition from current carbon intensive solutions faster. Heat pumps are 3-4 times more energy efficient than gas and oil boilers and 60% of European heating and cooling today is fossil fuel dependent, therefore in need for a swift transition.


logo Rocsys


Rocsys develops solutions for autonomous charging of electric vehicles. Through patented soft robotics and AI-based computer vision, the Rocsys robot can connect a vehicle to all types of charging infrastructure, without requiring any involvement from a driver. The technology can be used for autonomous, self-driving vehicles in logistics hubs, ports, and mines. But it can also improve efficiency for heavy-duty vehicles, with a driver, considering that the cables of fast charging solutions are massively heavy.