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SEB Pension tops customer satisfaction list

Danish consultancy agency Aalund positions SEB Pension as number one on the Danish pension market in terms of customer satisfaction. Peter Nilsson, head of SEB in Denmark, comments.

”It’s hard not to smile. We’ve done incredibly well in the past year in practically all areas of our business – from customer satisfaction to profit and growth,” says Peter Nilsson, head of SEB’s Life and Pension international unit and head of SEB Pension Denmark.

A key explanation to the newly won success is a strong focus on online customer counselling, Peter Nilsson explains. In the past year SEB Pension Denmark has worked hard and succeeded in maintaining the position as the front runner in terms of online solutions on the Danish pension market.

Skill and strong performance

In 2012 around 10,000 customers used SEB Pension’s unique online counselling tool, e-Pensionstjekket, with very positive feedback.

”Our achievement reflects a combination of skill and strong performance. e-Pension continues to uphold its status as a one-of-a-kind online counselling tool on the Scandinavian pension market and is currently being adapted to our Swedish business,” Nilsson says.

Strategic goals are necessary

“It’s important to state that these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible if it had not been for a series of long term strategic goals that everyone at SEB Pension Denmark have worked hard to implement in recent years,” Nilsson says.

He mentions cost reduction, higher customer satisfaction, higher profits and substantial market growth as the key goals.

“We have all worked hard to achieve these goals. In terms of higher costumer satisfaction we’ve realised that close customer relationships and a better understanding of the needs of our customer has been key in our success,” Nilsson explains.

Worth the efforts

“Sure, it has been a tough ride at times, but as the results show it’s been worth it and our collective efforts have resulted in a better cohesion within the management group as well as a sharpened focus on how to make various divisions with the Danish branch of SEB Pension cooperate better across the different fields,” Nilsson says.

According to plan e-Pension will also find its way to SEB Pension divisions in the Baltic countries in the coming years.