Investor services


Ann Linder Magnusson,
Head of Investor Services
+46 8 7638177

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Global expertise, local specialist services

A number of services that form the foundation of the relationship between a financial institution and SEB are delivered from Investor Services, a business unit that covers the Nordics, Luxembourg and the Baltics from a home market perspective.

Our primal offerings to international banks include sub custody, cash clearing, and white label services. The primal offerings towards Nordic financial institutions are labeled Investor World and covers institutional global custody, derivatives clearing and portfolio solutions. Furthermore, our infrastructure and services also supports our hedge fund segment and its prime brokerage offering.

The services enable our clients’ investment strategy by:

  • Handling the instruments and markets the clients seek exposure to
  • Allowing our clients to focus on their core
  • Helping our clients to ease regulatory requirements and to become more efficient