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This is SEBx

SEBx is SEB’s own start-up. The company’s assignment is to explore and evaluate new technologies and platforms that may over time – but not necessarily – lead to totally new customer offerings.

The team does not need to take the bank’s existing IT system into account. This provides great freedom for innovative and unexpected thinking relating to everything from new services to target groups and applications. Challenging old ways of thinking is a key part of SEBx’s assignment. 

Access to SEB’s expertise

One advantage of being a start-up in a large company is that the team has access to SEB’s combined expertise. Another is that they do not need to compete with other start-ups in the hunt for investors.

Right now, SEBx’s first service is out for customer testing. It is aimed at self-employed people and consists of an app and a card to manage both the company and private finances. This saves time and simplifies administration for solopreneurs.


Vacancies at SEBx