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"Compliance is a key area for the bank"

Tony Loord

Given his experience from the banking world, Tony Loord saw that he could find his niche within law. Applying to the programme was a natural step for him. Having completed the programme, he is now a Compliance Officer and he describes himself as primarily an adviser and educator.

"It is noticeable that other functions at the bank want us along and that we are seen as a resource," says Tony Loord, who completed the Compliance Officer trainee programme last autumn and now works within this function."

What is your background and what made you apply to SEB's Compliance Officer Trainee programme?

"I studied law at Stockholm University and during my studies I worked extra at a bank. It was my experience from the banking world that made me see a clear and interesting niche within law. When I saw this opportunity, it therefore came naturally to me to apply. I started my programme at SEB in autumn 2019 and completed it autumn of 2020."

What did you think of the programme?

"It was an excellent introduction to the banking and finance world but above all it was good training for my future role. We also worked quite a bit during the programme so it was very much learning-by-doing."

How did the interaction with other talent programmes function?

"It functioned well and was very valuable. It meant that we obtained a broader picture of the bank and I got to know people who work within other functions. This is an important network of contacts which is a great benefit for me in my job.."

What does your role look like today?

"Having completed the programme, my role is as a Compliance Officer. Within Compliance we have several different duties and functions at the bank which makes the job varied. We hold training courses related to the regulations that our employees come into contact with and we handle contacts with the regulator, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Above all we constitute a control function in particular providing support to what we call first-line, the people at the bank responsible for transactions and customer advisory services."

"I see it as very positive that we are primarily seen as a resource and a support to first line. This indicates a healthy culture within SEB."

How do you see your future at SEB?

"I feel that Compliance is my niche and I would like to continue within this field. Although I want to learn more about the banking and finance world in general, I believe that in the future I will become even more specialised within a specific area. This might for example involve becoming an expert on regulations linked to financial instruments and the securities market. I enjoy analysis and I want to be a support when we make business decisions."

About Tony Loord

Title: Compliance Officer, Group Compliance.

Education: Master of Laws, Stockholm University.

Personal interests: Running (all kinds), cycling and oil painting.