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SEB Way – an important piece of the puzzle to future-proof the bank

Some people know what they want to achieve, but not how. Others know something is wrong, but not what. "That's where SEB Way come in," says Jessica Ryer, head of the unit. "We’re the bank's internal management consulting unit that ensures that divisions, segments as well as product and business areas within the bank can drive the changes required to future-proof the bank."

SEB Way in Stockholm consists of 45 internal management consultants who all work on assignments around the bank. The assignments include strategy work, business and product innovation and work to strengthen operational excellence within SEB.

“The work involves challenging existing structures and business models and getting more people to think bigger – outside the box. SEB Way helps them develop new directions or understand the root cause of what needs to be fixed and how it should be done, says Jessica Ryer.
We provide structures, methods, tools and a great deal of experience in how to carry out sustainable change over time.”

Different perspectives add value

SEB Way's work also involves ensuring that the bank’s work is customer-driven, data-driven and sustainable.

“The employees’ background and experience differ, which is important for us, since we strive to include many different perspectives into our work. Several employees have previously worked as management consultants, others have been employed by SEB for many years and in several different positions. That mix is a huge strength for us as a team”, says Jessica.
 She describes the work environment as unprestigious.
“Everyone strives to develop as a team. We share knowledge and refine our methods and tools together, to ensure that we are constantly at the forefront. We are in constant motion.

 We often work in pairs, which is important to get more than one perspective. But everyone is supported with expertise from the entire SEB Way team”, says Jessica.

Better balance between work and personal life

One of the internal consultants at SEB Way is Anna Asplund. She previously worked as a management consultant and says that working at SEB is different from her past job role. 
“It’s interesting to follow a company over a longer period of time. Since you get to work across the entire bank, with different types of assignments, you get a unique opportunity to see the bank from different perspectives and an overview of how everything is connected.

For me, the switch to SEB has improved my quality of life: I have a better balance between work and my personal life, and I also know where I will be geographically. I also feel that I get the time and opportunity to develop myself, my colleagues and our working methods without having to give up billable hours with clients”, says Anna.

 Jessica says that it is exciting to work in a large company like SEB.

“I’ve had opportunities that I would otherwise never have had, and given that SEB is an international organization with opportunities for systems scientists and analysts as well as lawyers and sustainability experts, there are fantastic possibilities to develop and try new roles without having to change employers. With the right attitude, you can go as far as you like.”