Our stakeholders

We work with our stakeholders in the community to ensure a responsible and sustainable business, and to increase our positive contributions. We aim for transparency and intend to engage all stakeholders in close dialogues. Stakeholder opinions play an important role when we develop our approach to corporate sustainability. By listening to them we can better understand emerging trends and material issues, and how to prioritise among them.


Relationships and trust are the foundation of everything we do. Our customers entrust not only their money but also their aspirations and their plans for the future. We want to be their partner in good as well as bad times and have a long-term perspective in everything we do. It is our job to listen, to use our knowledge in a simple way, giving clear advice to our customers on how to realise the dreams and secure the future.


An engaging, inclusive and stimulating work environment encourages high quality performance as well as high employee satisfaction and loyalty. This is in the interest of both customers and shareholders. To retain our position as the relationship bank in our part of the world SEB must attract, develop and retain the best people so that we can provide the best service and experience to our customers. Having the most committed employees is an explicit goal in SEB's business plan.

Suppliers and partners

SEB purchases goods and services from a variety of local companies and international groups. We require our suppliers to live up to good social and environmental standards. We also know that our suppliers expect us to conduct a sustainable business, and that our long-term perspective is a essential. We work together across the value chain in order to minimize risks, future opportunities and to ensure sustainable economic growth.

Investors and shareholders

SEB's overall goal is to create sustainable shareholder value while fulfilling the expectations of other stakeholders. The key to achieving this goal is a strong focus on financial performance, risk management and internal control. We also focus on securing future competence, long-term development in customer relations, brand reputation and long-term credit quality.

Local communities

As a bank, we are an integrated part of society, and we know that what we do has an impact. Therefore, we want to contribute to building a society we all want to, and can, be part of. In addition to the role that our business plays, we support local communities. We share both time and money and work with carefully chosen partners and people.