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Our customers

Ever since we welcomed our first customer in 1856, we have taken a long-term perspective. As a leading bank, we know that the trust placed in us is the foundation for our relationships and ultimately our business.

We stand by our customers in both good times and bad, and we strive to create long-term shareholder value, to be an inclusive employer, and contribute to a sustainable society. No matter where our customers stand in their journey, we're here to help them every step of their way.

Our four customer segments

Large corporates

We have enduring and uniquely strong relationships with our large corporate customers in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. We support them in their business and their international expansion and stay with them as a partner through good times and bad. SEB serves some 2,000 large corporations across a broad spectrum of industries. Many of them are global market leaders and most have extensive international operations. In the Nordic region, our customers are among the largest in their respective industries while in Germany and the UK, medium to large-sized companies with an international profile are in focus.

Financial institutions

We serve approximately 1,100 financial institutions and act as an intermediary between Nordic and global financial markets. We offer our services to pension funds and asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies, state-owned investment funds as well as other banks and SSAs (sovereigns, supranationals and agencies). We have a strong position in the Nordic markets and also serve customers internationally with capital market access, custody services and advice on capital, sustainability and asset management matters.

Small and medium-sized companies

SEB has an established position as the bank for entrepreneurs and small business owners and currently serves some 400,000 small and medium-sized companies. Of these, 175,000 are home bank customers in Sweden and 98,000 in the Baltic countries. The segment includes around 600 mid-corps – many with international operations – as well as customers in the real estate and public sectors in Sweden, such as government agencies, state-owned companies and municipalities.

Private individuals

SEB is one of the major banks in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In Sweden, we have a strong position and the bank is one of the market leaders in the Nordic countries in private banking. SEB provides a comprehensive range of services to private customers and private-banking services with global reach to Nordic high-net-worth individuals. We have approximately four million private customers in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Of these, 497,000 are home bank customers in Sweden and 1,003,000 in the Baltic countries. We have around 34,000 Private Banking customers.