Our brand

SEB works with a one brand strategy and a one brand position strategy.
Surveys in all market segments and markets are pointing to the same direction – our brand position is quite stable and clear in most markets. 

Our brand, the spirit of SEB, is based on how our audiences perceive us: from first impressions when stepping into one of our offices, using our digital services, to the associations people draw from the our logo and how media covers us. All of these impressions come together to form, create and affect our brand.

We work with a one brand strategy – no matter where or who you meet from SEB, you should meet and be able to expect the same thing from us.

We have a strong belief that customer loyalty drives long term profitability and that a strong brand experience builds satisfied customers.  Therefore, living up to our vision of world-class service to our customers, is crucial for our long term success.

Our brand manual is an important document for the practical management of the SEB brand. This is where you will find all the details of us; how we work with, communicate and visualise our brand.