Our stance

At SEB we aim to be transparent about how we work, how we meet legal requirements and how we constantly develop our business for the benefit of our customers, shareholders and the society. We receive questions from analysts, investors, non-governmental organisations and media about our sustainability work and about our stance on certain issues. We now offer most of this information available online to ensure it serves a wider audience. The content will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Environment and climate

For us, addressing climate change means that our lending, investments, and business development decisions must take climate impact into account. Through engagement with our customers, we expect to drive shareholder value. 
Our climate change strategy

Human rights

We strive to identify and assess areas within human rights, labour rights and social relations where we can potentially have negative impact through our business relations. 
Our indirect and direct impact to human rights

Labour rights and social relations

We engage with customers on labour rights and social relations in order to identify their challenges and avoid negative impact. As an employer, we work proactively to achieve a sound workplace and for the well-being of the our employees. 
Read about our ethics and approach

Anti-corruption and crime prevention

We counteract all forms of corruption, in line with rules and regulations. These include external as well as internal incidents, processes and behaviours related to corruption.
How we prevent financial crime

Our approach to tax

In order to build sustainable societies, tax is an important building block. Therefore we need to ensure that we do not facilitate tax evasion or tax avoidance.
Our approach to tax

Our people

We aim to be a sound and inclusive workplace, to attract and retain the right people and adapt the organisation for future needs. We focus on learning and development and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth and development opportunities for all.
Read more about our people and our core values

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