Innovation and entrepreneurship

SEB has a strong ambition to contribute to sustainable development and we believe that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is an important part of the solution.

We have a long history, more than 160 years, of supporting entrepreneurs and innovative ideas, and we are committed to supporting companies to develop new ideas that create value for society.

Thriving businesses lead to growth and new jobs, as well as opportunities to solve environmental and societal challenges. Here we have a key role to play, in financing and investing in the innovative long-term solutions that are needed to reach a low-carbon society, such as in sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy and new technologies. 

Innovative products

At SEB, we are continuously developing sustainable products and services. For more than a decade, we have supported large corporations and financial institutions in finding sustainable financing solutions, such as green bonds. 2018 was the 10th anniversary of the world’s first green bond for institutional investors, issued by the World Bank and initiated by SEB.

Through our 6 microfinance funds with a total value of around SEK 7bn, we support more than 23 million entrepreneurs in about 50 developing countries. Thereby we contribute to solving financial, environmental and as well as social challenges.
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We believe that partnership and collaboration is important for of how challenges can be solved. One example is our partnership in Forum for Social Investments, a meeting place for the private and public sectors, aiming to contribute to solving the societal challenges that we are facing.
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Moreover, we support social entrepreneurs through Inkludera Invest, a non-governmental organisation that supports entrepreneurs who develop solutions to social problems and exclusion.
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Through partnerships with Sweden’s leading entrepreneurship organisations at all levels, we strive to strengthen the business climate in Sweden. We do that through the Entrepreneurial staircase.
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