Our framework

Sustainability is integrated in our business activities through the sustainability framework. By focusing our efforts on these areas we aim to contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Responsible and proactive advice

We facilitate customers’ own control and understanding of their financial situation. Ensure quality advice based on long-term needs and taking into consideration environmental, social and governance aspects.
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Sustainable financing

We are committed to supporting our customers in the transition to a more sustainable world. We aim to increase share of positive impact financing and positively impact clients’ sustainability focus.  We are classifying and will set targets for our credit portfolio and develop and launch new sustainable products and services.
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Sustainable investments

We ensure responsible investment decisions by integrating environmental, social and governance aspects into the decision process and perform the ownership role responsibly. We aim to increase the share of total asset management that is managed with sustainability criteria. 
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Innovation and entrepreneurship

SEB has a strong ambition to contribute to sustainable development and we believe that focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is an important part of the solution. 
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