How we work

Sustainability is integrated in our business activities through areas where we have great possiblities to have an impact. By focusing our efforts on these areas we aim to contribute to the transformation towards a sustainable future.

Responsible and proactive advice

We seek to facilitate our customers’ understanding and control of their financial situation. We are committed to understand our their needs and preferences and to support them in their transition.  Our quality advice shall be based on long-term needs taking into consideration environmental, social and governance aspects. 

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Sustainable financing

We strive to contribute to reorienting capital flows to low-carbon activities, to increase the share of green and transition financing, and to support its customers’ sustainability focus.

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Sustainable investments

We aim to have a comprehensive and competitive offering where environmental, social and governance factors are fully integrated into all investment processes. We perform our ownership role responsibly. 
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Innovation and entrepreneurship

We are guided by a strong belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key to creating a better world. We support innovation and entrepreneurship to drive the economic development and contribute to the creation of new jobs and growth in society. 
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Environmental and climate aspects are essential parts in all four success factors, both from risk and opportunity perspectives.

How we work with environmental and climate aspects

Fundamental enablers

Five fundamental enablers – financial strength and resilience, risk management, business ethics and conduct, crime prevention and people aspects – are at the core of SEB’s long-term success. As a company in the business of trust, shortcomings in any of these areas would limit the bank from being able to create long- term value for stakeholders.