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REMINDER - SEB presents Nordic Outlook: Recession mode?

The credit market crisis has gained a foothold in the world economy. The US economic slump looks increasingly severe. How will other parts of the world economy cope with this situation? Will inflation get stuck at troublingly high levels? How will households, companies and banks deal with the swing from boom to bust? How will they be affected by the price squeeze on shares and real estate, as well as by tighter lending standards?
How will governments and central banks -- in other countries and here at home -- respond to the mounting economic policy challenges? How much wiggle room will there be for Finance Minister Anders Borg and an unpopular Alliance for Sweden government, and what does the Riksbank -- which so far has been silent -- really think about the economic situation?   
These are some of the questions that will be addressed in SEB's report Nordic Outlook.
Chief economist Robert Bergqvist and head of economic research Håkan Frisén, present the report that covers the economic outlook globally and in Sweden.
Time: Tuesday February 5, 2008
Publishing of Nordic Outlook 10.00 am
Press conference starts 10.10 am
Place: Room 16, Kungsträdgårdsgatan 8, Stockholm
Robert Bergqvist, tel. +46 8-506 23016, mob. +46 70-4451404
Håkan Frisén, tel. +46 8-763 80 67, mob. +46 70-7638067
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