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Additional information prior to Annual General Meeting

Since the announcement of SEB's Annual General Meeting was published at the beginning of March, new information has become available regarding certain items on the agenda. This information, which among other items relates to the composition of the Board and SEB's employee stock option programme for 2003, is now available at www.seb.net.
The announcement presented a proposal that the number of Board members should be increased to ten through the election of a new member. Discussion had then been initiated with a female Board candidate, who at a late stage, however, was unable to consider the post. Accordingly, the shareholders that supported the proposal have withdrawn the proposal for new election, whereby the number of Board members remains unchanged, at nine.
An increase in the total fees to the Board was proposed in the announcement to SEK 5,450,000. As a result of withdrawing the proposal for new election, it is proposed that the Board fee instead amount to SEK 5,100,000.
The Board's complete proposal regarding the acquisition and sale of own shares for the employee stock option programme is also available at www.seb.net. The total number of employee stock options that was estimated allotted to the President and the Group Executive Committee was presented in the Annual Report. In the actual allotment, the Group Executive Committee received 944,750 stock options. The remaining approximately 5,200,000 employee stock options were allotted to about 700 other senior executives and key persons. The allotment did not increase compared with the preceding year.
The Board's final proposal regarding transfer of shares in SEB Asset Management America Inc. to senior executives in the company as well as the fairness opinion is also presented at www.seb.net. In the proposal it is stated that the approval of the Annual General Meeting pertains to transfer of shares, alternatively, the business of the subsidiary. With the transfer of business, the Leo Act is not applicable. However, the Board has decided to propose that the transfer of business shall be handled in accordance with the Stockholm Stock Exchange's rules governing the acquisition of business in subsidiaries and that the stricter majority requirements of the Leo Act shall be applied to the decision.
The Annual General Meeting will be held on April 9, 12:30 p.m., at Circus, Djurgårdsslätten, Stockholm