09 Feb 2012 11:28

European investors say SEB is top Nordic equity research firm

The survey covers around 2,200 people working for institutions around Europe that collectively manage 5.7 trillion dollars. SEB considers it one of the most important surveys after Prospera’s in-depth survey of Nordic money managers.

“The Institutional Investor survey shows that our entire Nordic team is delivering research that large customers outside the Nordic region highly appreciate. We enjoy great trust for our Nordic research among these customers,” Fredrik Carlsson, head of Equity Research at SEB Enskilda, says.

Carlsson says there is clearly room in the market for regional champions, such as SEB in Nordic region, in addition to the large global firms. He says SEB Enskilda’s position at the moment is perhaps stronger than ever.

SEB returned to the top spot in Institutional Investor’s survey in 2011 after four years in other positions.