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SEB invests in largest solar power plant

SEB's Danish life insurance company SEB Pension, has in collaboration with GreenGo Energy, established the largest solar cell power plant on the roof of Teknikerbyen (the Techno Village) in Virum, Denmark. The facility increases the overall solar power capacity of the country by eight percent.

SEB Pension is a major property owner and it is in that role that the company has chosen to invest in the new solar cell plant, more than twice as large as the largest facility in the North until now. The solar panels on Teknikerbyen’s roof will produce approximately 0.55 gigawatt hours annually, equivalent to the average consumption of 120 average-sized households.

”We think that it is exciting to be pioneers in the solar cell area in Scandinavia. The solution is economically wise and safe since GreenGo Energy secures the production and the operations through guarantees. We are also confident that the plant increases the value of the property and makes our newly renovated premises more attractive,” says Peter Mering, property manager at SEB Pension.

The facility consists of 2,600 panels, providing an efficient solar cell area of ​​4,650 square meters, distributed evenly over Teknikerbyen’s 15,000 square meters of roof surface. These will account for 16-17 percent of Teknikerbyen’s total annual power consumption.