Singular for Investors

SEB has deep competence around capital raisings and M&A and a broad network, both in terms of sourcing exciting companies for you to invest in and potential acquirers of your existing portfolio companies. We have a dedicated team focusing only on digital technologies, bringing competence and insights from all parts of the digital ecosystem.

Private Investors and Family Office

Regardless if you are a family office with a history of investing in other asset types or if you are an entrepreneur who knows all about the tech scene, we can help. SEB Singular is a team fully dedicated to finding and analysing the best tech companies out there.

Venture Capital

Finding and evaluating interesting companies can be a challenge, or maybe you get so many leads that it is hard to single out the potential needles from the haystack. SEB Singular gives you a vetted deal flow that fits your preferences.

Strategic Buyers and Corporate Ventures

As a strategic buyer or a CVC, you often try to balance strategic and financial goals. SEB Singular finds companies that fit your needs and we can provide insights covering companies disrupting your industry. Via our network you may invest together with seasoned lead investors.