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Transformative Leadership for Young Professionals programme

SEB’s Transformative Leadership for Young Professionals programme, focuses on self-leadership, to help our younger colleagues live and work in more balanced and sustainable ways while driving their careers forward.

The programme opens up awareness of what is important work wise and where the pain points might be. We strengthen ability in stress management, boundary setting, prioritisation, goal setting, coaching, feedback and self-reflection to make them more resilient in navigating the ambiguity and fast-paced transformation of our industry. Not only does this support our business objectives, but it creates a workplace that fosters a sense of well-being and cultivates a generation of self-aware, decisive, and agile professionals.

Watch the video to hear spontaneous reactions and insights from some of the participants in the programme.

Programme setup

This internal training programme is designed for young professionals under the age of 35 who are not managers. It has international scope, so it enables networking and relationship building across borders.

The content is based on recent scientific literature, with the main goal being development through self-reflection, and sharing and ideation between peers. It takes place over the course of 8–10 months in the form of four modules and multiple peer-coaching sessions.

Module 1

“Reconnect with the basics of work”, focuses on exploration of stress management and effective ways of working.

Module 2

"Things that makes me tick”, focuses on exploration of career ambitions and important values

Module 3 

“Making use of my strengths”, focuses on exploration of personal strengths, mindset, and tools for self-development.

Module 4

“Building the process for my career”, focuses on goal setting, goal-attainment, and networking.

“I really love the idea of focus on the person I want to be and work on it continuously.”

"The programme facilitated my achievement of a sought-after promotion and aligned with my long-term objectives. I would strongly suggest this programme to anyone who has the capacity to enrol".

“I was able to reflect around what is important to me, my values, my career and ultimately how those fit with my current position.”

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