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SEB Offers the Opportunity to Learn and Grow

For Olivia Sabel, SEB’s Large Corporates & Financial Institutions (LC&FI) Summer Internship was a way to kick-start her career within the bank. Today she works as an FX Quant Sales and Product Owner within FICC Markets and shares her thoughts on working at SEB.

What made you apply for an internship at SEB?

– During the first year of my master's studies, I chose to apply for SEB’s LC&FI Summer Internship. I had heard a lot of good things about SEB as an employer, but also specifically about the bank's internship programme. So, for one summer I had the opportunity to work within Institutional Advisory, where I learned about advisory, programming and financial modelling, among other things. After the summer I continued to work with the team alongside my studies and eventually wrote my thesis work there as well. I really appreciated the combination of advisory work, analysis and development, which piqued my interest in the role of FX Quant Sales, where I could combine these aspects. So, after completing my degree, I applied for the position of FX Quant Sales, which I have now held for just over three years.

Tell us more about your current role!

– As an FX Quant Sales I work with developing various automated services and tools for currency trading and also provide advisory within this area. This is done partly for internal use but also includes the services and tools that we offer directly to our customers. The role is very diverse, and I collaborate with different teams, both within the business and within the tech department!

What takeaways do you have from your internship at the bank?

– SEB is a large organisation where a lot of emphasis is placed on networking and building relationships. This allowed me to quickly establish a presence and create contacts that I still benefit from today. As an intern, for example, you always have the opportunity to reach out to people within the bank who you think have exciting and interesting roles. Everyone I reached out to was willing to spare some time, and I was always met with a very open atmosphere. You’re also surrounded by many talented and experienced colleagues from whom you can learn and bounce new ideas off of. This is so important, especially when you’re new and sometimes need a little extra help. Today, I find myself in a position where people are beginning to reach out to me, which feels incredibly rewarding – the possibility of being that person for someone else.

Do you have any tips for those interested in applying for an internship?

– For those applying for an internship, you have a very exciting and educational summer ahead! Your internship is a great way into the industry and gives you the opportunity to build relationships within the bank. Take the time to get to know people across different teams and don’t hesitate to reach out to those with roles that interest you. Also, dare to take on responsibilities. It builds both self-confidence and the sense that you’re contributing to something bigger. SEB truly offers young professionals the chance to learn and grow. So, make the most of it.