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Together, we develop new concepts

Anna Brohlin and Bojan Dimovski.
Cross-team collaborations and creating good relationships are key factors when working innovatively, says Anna Brohlin and Bojan Dimovski.

Collaboration is a must when you are exploring and building new technology for Anna Brohlin and Bojan Dimovski who work at SEBx, SEB’s innovation studio.

SEBx is a start-up within SEB that does not need to take the bank’s existing IT systems into account. 100 employees from 18 different countries work here. Anna Brohlin is Engineering Manager for the Data & Insights team and Bojan Dimovski works as Engineering Manager for SEBx’s Financing team.

How did you two land up at SEB?

Anna: “I started at SEB seven years ago as a trainee in the role of Credit Risk Quant Analyst. During the past four years, I have worked as Data Scientist and Data & Analytics Lead at SEBx before I stepped into my current role last year.

Bojan: “I came here in September 2021 when I had no previous experience in the sector. I was employed as a Solutions Architect and recently took on the role of Engineering Manager.”

How do your teams collaborate?

Bojan: “The product we mostly work with is called Banking as a Service which is a platform for banking products. Since the platform supports several products, all teams within SEBx have contributed to their development in different ways.

Anna: “For example, Bojan’s team builds credit products which need credit rating models among other things and this is something my team, which consists of many data scientists, has been able to help with.

Why are relationships so important at SEB?

Anna: “Relationships are the core of everything we do. For example, we need to have a close relationship with our customers in order to understand their needs and how we can best help them.

Bojan: “Since we work with innovation, collaboration is a must. We cannot have teams which cover the same ground – everyone needs to be a specialist in their field. This is why we always need to help each other in order to deliver. It was only when I joined SEBx that I really understood what working with innovation involves. There are no templates for our work and we invent totally new concepts which naturally makes this a very exciting place to be.

How does SEB make you feel confident about yourself and your career?

Anna: “By continually encouraging me to be inquisitive and to test new things. It’s okay to fail.

Bojan: “We are like explorers whose work is to examine different areas and see what works and what doesn’t. This means that it is difficult to make a mistake.