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Working in a both technology-driven and socially responsible company is highly rewarding

William Milisic, Cloud Transformation Lead
William Milisic, Cloud Transformation Lead

William Milisic is Cloud Transformation Lead at SEB and one of the people technically responsible for the company’s cloud initiatives. 

Describe a day at work!

“There are some recurring events in my week that I always try to find time for. One is actively listening in at some of my teams’ daily meetings, so I get a feeling for how they are progressing in their sprint, if there are any obstacles and to check in on how the atmosphere is in the team as a whole. The second is the "sharing is caring" session at the end of the week where anyone inclined in the team presents or shows something to all that is worth sharing and paying attention to.”

What good advice would you give to people as they enter working life? 

“Follow your passion, then you will go far. Start with a large, future-oriented company with established processes and working methods and you will have great opportunities to grow in different roles.”

How do you view leadership? 

“I try to be as hands on and well-read as possible. At the same time I trust that my team members usually know better and can do more. We support and challenge each other – both from where we stand today and what we can do in the future. I feel that SEB also does this as an employer. The company invests both in further developing and attracting new people. People are our company’s most important asset.”

How do you approach challenges?

“One of my favourite quotes is that digital transformation is not about technology but about people. It is with this attitude that I face most challenges. If a complex and technical problem needs to be solved, I try to get people with different ideas to understand each other’s points of view and then come up with one or more solutions. We evaluate this to finally choose the design that most people consider to be future-proof, secure, scalable and as maintenance-free as possible. I use this approach more often than you might think – and it works most of the time!” 

Name three reasons for applying to SEB?

“SEB is a large bank that is technology-driven, future oriented and dares to challenge itself. It takes care of its staff and makes sure that they are happy and develop further. As a large bank we also play a major role in the society. We represent and help to maintain stability in society, and it feels good to go to work every day as well as when you are telling your children where you work.

What development opportunities are there?

“SEB is one of the Nordic region’s largest IT employers and I usually say that we have all the world’s technologies in our data centers and public clouds. We have extremely driven and competent employees, a flat hierarchy and an agile way of working that means that all paths, specialisations and generalisations are open to those who are interested.”

Name something that makes you proud of your employer

“At SEB we work a great deal with sustainability questions, and we have repeatedly been first to issue green bonds. I think ahead about the world we'll leave behind and I am proud to work for a company that seeks to create both environmental and social benefit.” 



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