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SEB does an incredible job in supporting its employees through career growth

Hermanus Engelbrecht

After working with finance for several years, Hermanus Engelbrecht decided to reevaluate his career goals and pursue a profession in tech. In 2020 he began taking various courses to sharpen his tech skills and was later recruited to SEB as a QA Engineer. Just two years later, Hermanus transitioned into a Back-End Developer role. Here, he shares the best part of working in tech and tells us more about the internal mobility opportunities at SEB. 

– I was born and raised in South Africa, where I studied economics and risk management. I later worked within the finance sector for about a decade before finding my way to Sweden, just at the beginning of COVID-19. At that time, I was at a point in my career where I had to decide if I wanted to continue my profession in economics and finance or do something else. I chose to follow my desires and interests, which led me to tech. So, I took some online courses in software development and later joined a bootcamp managed by KTH in Stockholm. That was when SEB reached out, as they were looking for some new talents to join the bank. A few interviews later I found myself working here. 

What is the best part of working as a Developer at SEB? 

– At the core of it all, it’s fun to build stuff. There are always a ton of new things to explore and you get to solve problems, create something new and contribute in a tangible way. Even though everything you create in software will inevitably be changed, you can clearly see the results of your work and how it contributes to problem resolution. Seeing how the things you create help others is a great feeling. 

How would you describe the internal mobility opportunities at SEB?

– At SEB, there are a ton of opportunities at different levels allowing you to explore in a completely new way. We have everyone from interns to managers constantly moving between positions, which shows how this truly is a place of growth as there are always new career steps to take. Because the trickiest part of changing positions isn’t knowing where you want to go, it’s figuring out what to do next, and having to balance that while still working in your current role. Of course, it requires work from your side, but SEB does an incredible job in supporting and guiding its employees through that change. 

Do you have any tips for someone who is looking to develop their career in a similar way?

– My first tip is to stay educated. Education is such an important part of career development, as it leads to fast-track growth and allows you to take ownership of your learning development. I, for example, have made use of the different learning tools that SEB offers its employees. Secondly, you must challenge yourself by taking new opportunities and placing yourself in uncomfortable positions. Volunteer to take up a new task, even when you don’t know what it’s all about. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you grow and how much it widens your horizons. Lastly, be transparent about your goals to others as the guidance you can get from your managers and colleagues is invaluable. Personally, this has been fundamental in shaping my career choices and allowing me to transition to my current role. 

– In summary, my tips for someone who is looking to grow their career within tech would therefore be to take ownership of your development by staying curious, continuing to learn and making use of the resources that are provided!